Our mission: We created a business plan that involves working with wide variety of bio-diverse raw material, available in different continents such as: South America, India, Africa, China, Japan. This enables us to collaborate with all stakeholders involved in these industry.

We supplay natural prime quality food material with nutritional high value, that respects fair trade, based on appropriate farming conditions which creates entrepreneurship opportunities in developing countries

Ne-am creat un plan de afacere care implica munca cu o larga varietate de materii prime neprocesate din diverse continente: America de Sud, India, Africa, China, Japonia. Aceasta ne permite sa colaboram cu toti producatorii direct implicati in aceasta industrie.

Oferim alimente/materie prima culinara de inalta calitate, cu o valoare nutritionala inalta, care respecta comertul corect, in baza unor conditii potrivite de munca, ce sustin crearea unor oportunitati antreprenoriale, in tarile in curs de dezvoltare.

Prin acoperirea acestor nevoi, solicitate, cu preponderenta, de segmental social de baza (familia nucleara), urmarim atingerea si a unor obiective de natura intrinseca, cu efecte colaterale pozitive in ceea ce priveste promovarea unei educatii nutritioanle elementare si indispensabile, in mentinerea sanatatii populatiei, precum incurajarea si sustinerea culturilor eco si a furnizorilor de produse bio autohnone!

Activitatea de productie a SC ALINA CORP-AS SRL se concentreaza pe realizarea de mancaruri preparate, de foarte buna calitate, sanatoase si intr-o diversitate mare care sa raspunda nevoilor copiilor, tinerilor dar si adultilor care vor sa treaca la un regim sanatos de alimentatie, sau sa isi optimizeze sursa de energie, provenita din hrana.

By covering these needs, required mainly by the prime social segment- nuclear family-, we pursue also achieving objectives of an intrinsic nature with positive side effects, in terms of promoting a basic nutritional education, which is indispensable in maintaining human health as well as encouraging and supporting eco crops and organic products suppliers!

The production of SC ALINA CORP-AS SRL is focused on making high quality healthy food products, in a large variety to embrase the needs of children, youth and adults who want to adopt a healthy diet food, or to optimize their source of energy